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A lifelong student of learning & growth in the areas of positive intelligence, neuroscience, quantum physics & mindfulness, I have come to realize my calling is Executive Coaching. My mission in life is to live an "inspired" life and help others do the same. I'm passionate about positively impacting teams & communities by creating a “game changing” mindset shift amongst high performing leaders.

Prior to coaching, I served as the CEO of Drive Medical Canada, the President of AMO Canada, as a Life Science Advisor at MaRs and on the board of several nonprofits including Young President's Organization Regional Board. I enjoyed the first 20 years of my career at several Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Bausch & Lomb and Allergan.

Hello, I'm Kathy

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If you believe "Mindfulness" is a pre-requisite for effective leadership, I can help bring this powerful skill into your busy life, in a fun, easy way!


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“Kathy’s coaching brings light into your life! After speaking to her I feel stronger, more at peace, supported, understood and braver to tackle a new chapter in my life after a big loss. She helps me focus on what’s important and resets me to move forward- one courageous step at a time.” 


—  Gena Taylor Goudreau     

     HR, Canadian Bankers Association


What makes Kathy unique?

Kathy's uniqueness lies in the fusion of her diverse skillset and personal philosophies. As a mathematics graduate who honed her skills in sales and leading organizations towards ambitious goals, Kathy has a strong foundation in analytical thinking and determination. However, what truly distinguishes her is her choice to apply these traditionally left-brain strengths towards a more holistic and spiritually-attuned approach to leadership and life.
Unlike many coaches in this field who may lack concrete analytical abilities, Kathy combines mindfulness and a positive mindset with a rigorous, data-driven perspective. Her work and life philosophy, while
seemingly right-brain oriented, are underpinned by deep left-brain strengths and sensibilities.


Alim A. Somani

Managing Director, Hatch Digital

What’s different about Kathy’s approach to coaching?

Kathy has a unique combination of corporate experience and an understanding of that reality, along with expertise and certification as a mental fitness coach. In her coaching, she guides others to improved productivity and happiness through mental fitness and a better understanding of their self and others. Kathy helps individuals on a human and wholistic level. She is a great listener and observer who asks thought-provoking questions and, as a “thinking partner,” offers astute insights. 


Kathy’s unique combination of experience, skills, and certifications is, without a doubt, a great resource for the growing number of organizations looking to make a real and lasting difference in their culture, engagement level, and performance. Kathy is engaging, authentic, and invested in helping all our executive team achieve their full potential.

Emily Fabbian
Head of Human Resources at Alcon Canada



“Unlike many coaches in this field who may lack concrete analytical abilities, Kathy combines mindfulness and a positive mindset with a rigorous, data-driven perspective.”

Alim A. Somani
Managing Director, Hatch Digital

What differentiates Kathy from other Coaches?

Kathy truly cares about her clients and helps them see the full potential in themselves. She has a unique way of simplifying complex thoughts or situations, and of helping you get to the root cause of what you’re trying to achieve. Kathy gives radically candid feedback; she cares immensely and she’s very direct, which I appreciate.


Kathy is beyond passionate about helping people realize their full potential. She helps you block out the things that don’t matter and focus on the vital few that do. She holds people accountable in a positive way and challenges appropriately when needed. By hiring Kathy, you’re a step closer to the high performance culture you desire. 

Chris Gruhn,
GM, Head of Alcon Canada

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