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As an executive coach and mental fitness trainer, I help people recognize and free themselves of the mental constructs that are holding them back. I help shed light on their blindspots and champion them to re-design their mind for self command and access to their inner resources that we all possess but lose touch with.

Most of our thinking is done in the primal brain, which is heavily biased towards the negative for survival. This type of thinking, especially in our younger, formative years, creates limiting beliefs that are embedded in our programming.

This subconscious narrative becomes our world, our reality, which confines us to what I call our own 'mind prison'. I help people recognize and free themselves of these mental constructs that cost them wellness, productivity and quality relationships.


Click here to learn about Kathy's process and approach, her available packages, and what outcomes you can expect when you engage her as a coach (PDF)

Mountains Meet Lake

Whether you want to be a “Corporate” athlete or  a “Life” athlete,

having a coach helps you take

your game to the next level.

Benefit #1


Reduced stress, anxiety &

self-doubt (imposter syndrome)


Benefit #2

Lead with Calm Resolve, Clarity & Laser Focus Action

Your leadership can be one of the few positive influences your employees have today in their life.

Sunset Martial Arts
Go Team

Benefit #3

Enhanced productivity & Team development

Giving the gift of a "healthy mindset" to your employees while engaging and boosting morale is the one thing your employees need right now in our new world of working remotely at home.  

Benefit #4

Regain personal power & sense of freedom

Upgrade your inner chatter by learning which thoughts are your "saboteurs" hindering you and which thoughts are your super powers. 


Benefit #5

Being the best leader & parent you can be

Great leadership and parenting is about quality (not quantity) time which gives exquisite attention to understand, appreciate & elevate the other person. It's a "being" and not a "doing" game.

Image by Jake Hills

"The most meaningful and rewarding work

we can do in life is mastering our own inner chatter.

Only then, we can master our life!" 

- Kathy Sarafian

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